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Excell 2100.3 Chimneys combine the best features of both air cooled and insulated chimneys. 3/4" of high density "Thermoplus" insulation keeps the 2100.3 hot on the inside to reduce Creosote formation, while a 1/4" air space between the insulation and outer skin, allows cooler outside skin temperatures. Built of .016" Type 444 & 434 Stainless Steel, the Excell 2100.3 is designed to last.

Excell 2100.3 Chimneys have been tested and listed to the ULC S629 Standard. Along with many other rigorous tests, The ULC S629 standard requires the chimney to withstand three 30 minute chimney fires at 2100 deg. F. The ULC S629 standard is generally regarded as the toughest standard in the world.

Excell 2100.3 chimneys are suitable for Wood, Oil, Coal, & Gas. It is ideal for wood-burning stoves, residential furnaces and fireplaces.

Excel chimney sections are available in 48",24",18",12",& 6" lengths. In addition, an 18" adjustable length is available. This unique part enables an installer to adjust the system to the exact overall length required for any installation.

Insulated Tees may be used on the interior or exterior of the building. The Excell Tee cap has a handle on the bottom to simplify removal for cleaning. Elbows are available in 15,30,and 45 Degrees. Roof supports, Radiation shields, Rain Caps, and Flashings are only some of the other products available.

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